Permanent signage includes: Trucks, storefronts, window signs, wall signs and graphics, banners, floor signs, blade signs, all hand designed, painted and installed.

Gold Lettering

When I learned to do gold lettering with genuine gold leaf, I was taught in the traditional manner and I could immediately see ways it could be done, without any compromise to quality, but with more efficiency of material and time use. I printed the bounding lines first and gilded inside them. This left no chance to make the worst mistake of getting the gold under the outline color. It also improved the use of the material cutting waste and expense.

I have many examples of this work, some of which may be familiar to you.

I also saw that the traditional way of using the mirror and matte effects needed to her reversed so the lettering would remain full size and the centers could flash off and on from the reflections. This cured the problem of being attracted to look but not able to read the sign.


Impulse Buying

As an artist and sign painter, painting signs since 1965, I have experience in many facets of the sign business. I also discovered a talent for getting noticed.

I have developed a system I use to get your message into the eyes and minds of viewers near your business. I believe if they can see a sign, they should be able to read it. For Signs Out Loud, I use fluorescent colors that create vibration in the eyes leading to the sensation of movement which forces us to glance in the direction of the movement to be sure it is not a threat. The colors I use stain the retina and get the message to the brain even though attention is not on it. This becomes an experience and later when the viewer gets hungry the experience is recalled and the viewer becomes a customer.

While working for KFC and an advertising agency, I was able to see figures showing proof of my theories. I would go to a store and paint three signs the center one said Value Menu and the other two said 99c each. From the day the signs were installed the revenue at the store increased 33%, this is without any changes to the staff or supplies. I believe my signs to be the most valuable investment you can make in your business.

Who I Am

As an artist and sign painter, since 1965 I have experience in many facets of the sign business. I have also uncovered a talent for getting noticed.  I believe my signs to be the most valuable investment that you can make in your business.

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