Front door complete all done with 22k gold in vinyl
Prime Rib front door 1988 and two more inside 1978 still looking perfect.
Dog grooming
Blade sign all wood w/ 18k gold letters
Billboard designed and painted in 1976
Interior sign
23K gold leaf lettering on the window
Bar Mirror gilded from the rear
Front awning painted by hand
Signs installed Howard St., Baltimore
Mirror sign for the Wharf Rat
Gold lettering on a neon sign designed and created by me.
Companion sign for ZIAS
Design and install by me black vinyl with dusted crystal background
Gold lettering transom
Transom gold lettering
My designed gold lettering on a door
Gold transom lettering design by me to match storefront colors
23K gold transom numbers
Carved and gilded marble house number
Custom gold lettering house number
1/2″ thick Maple and Walnut floor sign not yet installed
Maple and Walnut Blade sign close up Double sided
Gold lettering appears front and back for hanging window signs
Wooden 16’x2′ installed
white gold lettering all hand done Helvetica
Truck side designed and painted by hand
Painting Company truck side designed, installed and created in vinyl