Impulse ad works really well

I have developed a system

That I use to get your message into the eyes and minds of viewers near your business. I believe: If they can see a sign, they should be able to read it. For Signs Out Loud, I use fluorescent colors that create vibration in the eyes and this leads to the sensation of movement which causes us to look in the direction of this movement to make sure that it’s not a threat, this is a natural physical reaction which I learned to use to deliver your message. The colors I use stain the retina and get the message to the brain even though attention is not on it. This becomes an experience and later when the viewer becomes hungry the experience is recalled and the viewer becomes a customer.



While working for KFC and an advertising agency I was able to get the figures showing results of my theories. We instituted a value menu program and I would go to a store and paint three signs, one that said value menu, usually in the center window, and one on either side saying $.99 each. From the day the signs were installed the revenue at the store increased 33%, this is without any changes to the staff or supplies. Many times when the marketing department would create a new program and I would make signs to announce it, once I put the signs up the public would begin to order the special I advertised at a very high percentage rate.

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